About Us

UNIVERSAL AUTOMAT INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY started its production activities as a sole proprietorship since 1995. Automotive, white goods, furniture, construction, etc. sectors. As a supplier of "automaton products" in an area of 100m2, we started our activities with 1 automatic lathe and 2 employees in an area of 500 m2 in 2017, we serve our customers with 12 state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, quality control equipment and experienced staff. The needs of the companies that are the suppliers of the machining sector; Robustness, flexibility, continuity and quality, these concepts constitute the basic principles of "Universal Automat".

"Universal Automat", which never compromises on quality and precision, will continue to do all its work according to the needs of the market yesterday, today and tomorrow. Today, as Universal Automat Industry, it offers products and services to almost all companies in the automotive and white goods sector in the market.
Our business as Mission;
Customer satisfaction is at the forefront, different methods in the services offered, reliability and high business ethics to be provided after service, and has adopted to be a business that creates value for its customers as the first choice of customers.
Vision of our company;
Our company is based on the principles of total quality management, applying national and international quality management standards, social responsibility standards and occupational health and safety rules; In line with the ever-changing demands of the customer, it has adopted to be a national and international brand by prioritizing customer satisfaction without compromising service and quality, taking into account the changes in customer tastes and preferences within the legal requirements.